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We are happy to present you a redesign of our classic Bolt.

Bolt Riviera is a special edition of Bolt, manufactured in limited number of pieces.

The same powerful motor and battery. The same acceleration and smooth braking.

The beautiful wood finish and the "raw" aluminum of the trucks is a tribute to the first skateboards in California. But not only, we were hugely inspired by Riva Yatch, a unique boat manufacturer the was founded in 1842 near Bergamo, Italy, our home.

The name Riviera immediately reminds you of the Italian coast. We would like to invite you to explore the World with it.

The Most Portable Electric Vehicle

The first really personal and portable vehicle. It was created to cover the last mile of your daily trip with power and fun. A penny-sized electric board that can bring you anywhere. 

Extreme portability

Bolt is so compact you can carry it anywhere. Just 60cm (23") long.

With 4kg (9 lbs) of weight, it is light enough to be carried with no effort on your backpack or by hand when not in use.


Just as fast as a bicycle (18mph or 30km/h). Bolt's FOC Electronic Speed Controller guarantees a smooth and powerful acceleration. And a firm and measurable braking, a lot better than any other hub motors.

All-day battery life

It has a range up to 14km (8.5miles), more than what you need for the short daily trip in the city.

Regenerative braking

Charge Bolt's battery at each braking and extends your range. The same technology found in F1 cars.

Smartphone integration

Bluetooth and a new smartphone app (, available for both Android and iOS (and even Apple Watch) will let you know everything about your Bolt.

Bolt has a built-in standard USB port that can be used to recharge your devices on the go.

Italian Design

Bolt has a unique design, unlike any other electric skateboard on the market. It is designed and made in Bergamo, Italy.

 Learn more here.

Technical Specs

 Bolt board size comparison
Size comparison with typical electric skateboards and longboards

60 x 25 x 10 cm  (23 x 10 x 4 inches)

4 kg (9 lbs)

Charging time
90 minutes

97Wh Li-Ion battery, high-quality LG cells

2.4 GHz Remote, controls acceleration and braking. Dual speed (beginner/expert).

What's in the box

  • Bolt electric skateboard
  • Remote controller
  • Battery charger with plug
  • EVA Case
  • USB cord
  • Quickstart guide

 Any questions? Read the FAQ 


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