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Bolt 2017 - The Smallest and Lightest Electric Skateboard

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Bolt is a mini electric longboard but we like to think about it as the first really personal and portable vehicle. It was created to solve the commuters needs and cover the last miles. Reducing commuting time and stress. A penny-size electric board that can bring you anywhere. 

This is an improved version of Bolt, a battery that lasts up to 20% more, more precise battery indicator, better wood treatment of the deck, default risers to reduce vibration, a more robust remote controller. And finally, it will ship with a Bluetooth 4 module for communication with a smartphone app. This way you can see all your stats at a glance and even keep track of your runs. Learn more here.



Bolt it's so compact you can carry it anywhere. 

Just 60cm (23") long. It's so portable, it is the smallest electric skateboard in the world and is compact enough to be carried anywhere. Light, with 4kg (9 lbs) of weight, it is light enough to be carried with no effort on your backpack or by hand when not in use.


Just as fast as a bicycle (18mph or 30km/h) it lets you cover 

Walking is nice but not when you have no time. From now on, no need to get sweat running because you are late. Just enjoy the ride. 


It has a range up to 14km (8.5miles), more than what you need for the short daily commute in the city.


Bolt's FOC Electronic Speed Controller guarantees a smooth and powerful acceleration. And a firm and measurable braking, a lot better than any other hub motors.


Charge Bolt's battery at each braking and extends your range. The same technology found in F1 cars.


Bluetooth and a new smartphone app (, available for both Android and iOS (and even Apple Watch) will let you know everything about your Bolt.

Bolt has a built-in standard USB port that can be used to recharge your devices on the go.


Bolt has a unique design, unlike any other electric skateboard on the market. It's designed and made in Bergamo, Italy

Technical Specs

Size: 60x25x10cm (23x10x4 inches)

Weight: 4kg (9 pounds)

Charging: From empty to full in about 90 minutes

2.4 GHz Remote Controlled, controls acceleration and braking. Dual speed (beginner/expert).

Battery: 99Wh Li-Ion battery, high-quality LG cells


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