The Story of Bolt Electric Skateboard

My name is Lorenzo Cella. I am an Automation engineer and since I started university I was losing a lot of time on commuting. Every day I had to take the train and walk a lot. But before that I had to walk to the train station, then take may train and
once arrived I had to walk to class. Every afternoon I had to do the reverse path back home. I've counted that I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes walking each day, or 7km (4.5 miles) of distance. I noticed that covering this distance by foot every day, in addition to wasting my time, made me get home tired and with little desire to do anything else.

typical walk time on daily commute without Bolt electric skateboard
I thought of several possible alternatives to move more quickly and with less effort. Some commuters use the bike. But the bike on the train increases the cost of the ticket and not allowed everywhere, also is bulky and easy to steal.

Bolt electric skateboard is easy to carry on a train

After thinking about it I realized that the ideal mean of transport would have to be small enough to take with me.
Something like that would be an electric skateboard, but the ones on the market were all modified longboard, long and heavy. It is not what I was looking for.
For this reason, I created Bolt: the world's smallest and lightest electric vehicle in the world.
And the first one with the battery hidden inside the board.

Bolt is the lightest electric skateboard in the world
Compact enough to be carried in the classroom, on the train or in the office and light enough to be loaded on the backpack when not in use.

To build the Bolt I got help from my father, a professional photographer, electronics technician and drones pilot. Over the years, we have made several tech projects together and gained experience in the field of brushless motors, lithium-ion battery, radio technology. For example, we built an electric bike, some drones and a lot of tech equipment for photography. Usually, I take care of the software and design and him of electronics and mechanics.

After building and testing our prototypes we launched a campaign on Indiegogo in 2015.
We successfully funded through Indiegogo and delivered the products to our contributors in 2016. It was a tough journey, we learned a lot from that experience, dealing with production and worldwide shipping.

Listening to the feedback from our early users we just introduced the new version of Bolt, to improve the previous model.

Bolt best electric skateboard technical spec

Unlike a lot of recent crowdfunded e-skate campaigns, we don’t outsource our manufacturing to a Chinese company. Instead, we handcraft our electric cruisers in Italy where we can have full control over the quality.

We use high-quality materials and parts such as high-grade aluminum CNC machined in Italy. Every screw in critical points is made of stainless steel.

This may result in a higher price but we think it's definitely worth it.