Where can you ship Bolt?

We can ship Bolt almost Worldwide, you can read the complete country list here. The shipping cost varies depends on the Country. Since we are based in Italy, shipping in Europe will be cheap.

How long does it take to receive Bolt?

Bolt will be delivered within 4 working days worldwide.

Is Bolt waterproof? Can I use Bolt while raining?

Bolt should resist under a light rain, the wood is varnished so it's protected against water. I would not recommend getting through a puddle. However, splashes of water from the wheels should not reach the USB and Charge ports. The motor will not get in touch with splashes of water and it should not be affected. Anyway, the life of the bearings can be shortened from contact with water.

Can I bring Bolt on an airplane for a flight?

It really depends on the airlines. Bolt's battery is 97Wh so it's below the 100Wh limit but after some bad experience with hoverboards, they have become much more strict about portable electric vehicles on board. You should contact directly the airline. Let us know if you receive an informative answer.

Where can I buy Bolt spare parts?

Bolt's spare parts are available in our Store. If a spare part you need is not available please let us know at info@boltmotion.com

Where can I find the smartphone app?

You can download the app here: https://metr.at/
Once the app is downloaded and open, go to settings and press scan. Your Bolt must be ON and the Bluetooth on your smartphone active. Press scan, your Bolt should appear in the scan list (ex. bolt-16), select it and it should connect.
Everything should already set up and work correctly. Just check the settings are as below.
In Motor the fields should be 14, 14, 32, 72.
In Battery: Li-Ion, Voltage S: 6.
Now you can go in the Realtime tab and get instantaneous information or go to the Record tab and record your rides.

What is the deck made of?

The deck is made of laminated wood and reinforced with glass fiber.

What is the wheel size?

The wheel size is 72mm in diameter

What is the maximum hill grade it can climb?

The hill grade is about 5-10%.

What is the maximum rider weight?

Maximum recommended weight is 100kg.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty is 2 years in EU and 1 elsewhere. The warranty does not cover battery and wheels. 

Why Bolt hasn't a hub motor?

Because the geared motor has still better performance. Read more

The remote controller has been disconnected from Bolt, how can I pair it again?

Please follow this guide.


Ok, no more questions I'd like to order one!

You can go on the product page, press 'add to cart' and have fun!