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What's Bolt

It's the only electric skateboard that combines portability with power and fun.
We re-invented how you can cover the last mile of your daily trip. With a powerful all-day battery, Bolts is the perfect companion for your ride. Covering short distances has never been so easy and fun.

Bolt can be carried anywhere, even on public transport or trains. When not in use it takes no more space than your bag.

It's the first really personal, portable and powerful electric vehicle. A penny-size electric board that can bring you anywhere at the speed of light.

Your adventure starts now.


Why Bolt



The smallest electric skateboard in the World with just 60 cm (23") long and 4 kg (9 lbs), it is light enough to be carried with no effort on your backpack or by hand when not in use.



Just as fast as a bicycle (18mph or 30km/h). 

Walking is nice but not when you have no time. From now on, no need to get sweat running because you are late. Just enjoy the ride. 

  battery life


It has a range up to 14km (8.5miles), more than you need for your adventure in the city.



Bolt's FOC Electronic Speed Controller guarantees a smooth and powerful acceleration, better than any other hub motor (in-the-wheel motor) electric skateboards.

  energy brake


Charge Bolt's battery at each braking and extends your range. The same technology present in F1 cars. Very useful when going downhill.

  smartphone integration


Bluetooth and a new smartphone app (metr.at), available for both Android and iOS (and even Apple Watch) will let you know everything about your Bolt.

Bolt Latest Update

• A new Li-Ion battery, more robust and reliable, increased range up to 14km (8.5miles). From the previous 10-12km (6-7miles).
Board re-design, a more modern look, and a double fiberglass reinforcement.
• A protective coating covers the wood of the deck, it will stay cleaner.
• Added risers, embedded in the wooden deck, to help reduce vibrations.
• A new remote controller, more compact and robust than the previous generation. Dual speed mode (beginner/expert). Just a button to switch between the two modes. In beginner mode speed and acceleration are limited.
• A new battery charger more compact so it’s easier to carry around.
Added Bluetooth and a new smartphone app (metr), available for both Android and iOS (and even Apple Watch) will let you know everything about your Bolt.

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Bolt in Depth


VESC by Benjamin Vedder is the most advanced Electronic Speed Controller in the market. It guarantees a smooth and powerful acceleration and braking.

Bolt is powered by the advanced vesc speed controller


Our belt­ drive system magnifies the torque of the motor by 3x, giving you stronger brakes, faster acceleration, and steeper hill climbing than hub motors. Belts are also quiet and more precise, giving you a better ride with more control.

Bolt timing transmission with belt and pulleys

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