We are closing down

Bolt are sold out. We plan to close spare parts sales in the coming week. The last day would be on 23rd December.

We will not sell more Bolt because we decided to close the company at the end of the year. 
This decision has nothing to do with the Corona crisis. It's because we never became profitable. 
Creating a physical product has a lot of challenges and tight margins. We were too small and lacked resources for growth. 
Still, I'm impressed by what we were able to do.

You may not know but behind Bolt, there is only my father and me. And we both have other jobs to maintain ourselves, as we don't get any money from this activity.

Closing this adventure, makes me think about how we started. 
I had the idea for Bolt in 2014, I was 20 years old and had just started University. Every day, I was commuting by train to another city to go to classes. I was also walking a lot and I wanted to make everything faster. The idea I came up with was a board with wheels, a small electric skateboard.

Together with my dad, we were able to build a prototype. And since it was so fun to use it and solved a real problem, we decided to create a better prototype and propose it to the public on an Indiegogo campaign. I did the campaign all by myself and didn't spend anything on communication or advertising. Somehow the campaign was successful. I remember the first 2 bakers were from South Korea. We got 200 preorders and some funds to order the necessary parts and start the company. 

I want to thank the hundreds of people that bought Bolt in the last years, a huge thank you for believing in it.
Also a big thank you to the all people we met, all the people that helped us. 
We may have never made the leap into becoming a big company but still, it was a fun ride and we learned a lot.

So, this weekend is your last chance to get a Bolt.
All spare parts are now at 50%, you can order what you think you would need in the future. 
If you bought your Bolt we will try to help, when possible. But since we are closing the company we cannot offer you a guarantee of assistance.

Thanks for reading this far,
Wish you the best,


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