Presenting Bolt Riviera - LIMITED EDITION

We are happy to present you a redesign of Bolt, our classic electric skateboard. 

Bolt Riviera is a special edition of Bolt, manufactured in limited number of pieces.

The same powerful motor and battery.
The same acceleration and smooth braking.
In a new stylish design.

The elegant wood finish of the board and the "raw" aluminum of the trucks is a tribute to the first skateboards in California.
But not only, we were hugely inspired by Riva Yatch, a unique boat manufacturer, now famous worldwide, that was founded in 1842 on Lake Iseo, near Bergamo, Italy, our home.

The name Riviera immediately reminds you of the Italian coast.
And with its unique portability we would like to invite you to explore the World with it.

Check out its characteristics and more pictures.

Bolt Riviera long

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