New Video: Bolt on the Greenway

We just released a new Bolt video to show you the Most Portable Electric Skateboard in action.
This time, we wanted to be in a different environment so we went in a natural area with a really nice paved path.

Back-of-the-scenes notes:
- As you can see there are a lot of aerial shots, actually, we used a DJI Mavic Pro drone.
- We shot the video in a large green area near Bergamo, Italy. (the exact position is a town called Almè)

We'd like to shoot a lot more videos from now on. We'd like to visit a lot of new places with Bolt and film them (VLOG style). It would be cool to make an International Bolt Tour of cities, this also would be an opportunity to let you try Bolt in person.

Let me know if this may interest you.

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