Bolt Skateboard is still rolling, even in times of Coronavirus

I hope this blog post finds you well. 
We are going through a weird moment of our lives. 
Most of the people in the World are spending this time at home in quarantine.

Bergamo, the city where we make Bolt, was hit pretty hard by the Coronavirus, it was the city with most infected and fatalities in Italy.
But luckily, the worst seems to be behind our back.

Some people wrote to us asking how is the situation here and if we were stopped by the virus.
I’m glad to say that we are well and safe, and we are still receiving orders and shipping Bolt to you.
You can still order your Bolt here. It’s available at the lowest price ever.

And just a reminder, we only have 5 Bolt Riviera left. 
This is a special edition made in limited quantity and will not be created again.

So, take advantage of the last models in stock.

An electric skateboard is an amazing way of moving in the city while keeping social distance and avoiding public transport.

Stay healthy and safe,
Lorenzo from Bolt Motion

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Alexis McKenney

Hello, I am interested in purchasing a bolt but I can’t distinguish the difference between the bolt and the Riviera. Is there a way to get information about that? Thank you.

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