Bolt @ Milan Motorcycle Fair (EICMA 2017)

From 7th to November 12th we had the honor of being at EICMA 2017, the main fair in Europe about cycles, motorcycles and mobility innovation.

The event started on Tuesday 7th November and concluded on Sunday. Every year it attracts many visitors and press from Italy and all over the World.

a beautiful girl with a Bolt electric skateboardbeautiful girl on Bolt electric skateboard

Thanks to the president of Airoh Helmet Antonio Locatelli, interested in our start-up, allowed us to stay at his stand, thus showing the new Bolt 2017.

We were hosted at the Airoh Helmet's stand in the Booth 13.
Airoh Helmets was founded by Antonio Locatelli 20 years ago in Bergamo and today is the leading company in the sports helmets market. They provide helmets for the best Motocross and Enduro pilots. Including the Motocross World champion Tony Cairoli.
We got a deal with Locatelli, interested in our startup, and he let us display Bolt 2017 at the massive Airoh stand (celebrating the 20th anniversary this year).

For us, it was an opportunity to showcase the Bolt, the World’s most portable electric vehicle, to a crowd of motor-loving people.

After a first curious look, people passing through the stand wanted to know more about Bolt, and a lot of them were eager to try it, thanks to the big space of Airoh stand, they were able to do that.

We think that this is really important: try Bolt in person. Many people are scared that an electric skateboard is not for them. Instead, it's really easy to learn. You just need 5 minutes.

a person tries an electric skateboard for the first timea girl tries an electric skateboard for the first time
There are two main features in Bolt 2017 we'd like to show: the design, that was made thinner, and the battery, that gives Bolt additional power.
Everyone was excited about this new model; the portability was increased, and the range now touches 14 km (9miles).
And it is really fast: up to 30km/h (19miles). Just as fast as a bicycle.
Bolt now has a better remote controller and the new smartphone app.

We also got a chance to meet the Motocross World Champion Tony Cairoli and Jeffry Herlings MX2 3-time Champion.
Tony loved Bolt so much that he wanted one for himself. In no time he was carrying plates at tables with his Bolt 😂

Tony Cairoli with Bolt electric skateboardTony Cairoli on Bolt Electric skateboard

Our goal was to redesign the image of Bolt, keeping in mind features that made it the smallest and lightest electric skate in the world.

It fit very well with EICMA 2017 approach, where design and weight are the two most important values, according to environmental sustainability.
Inside our product are embedded all these important features: Bolt is eco-friendly, portable and cool!

To make people know Bolt we want to increase our physical presence, EICMA 2017 was a great way to start doing that.
We are planning to attend a lot of other events, and we'd like to meet you sometime.

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See you soon!

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