The most portable electric vehicle out there.

Bolt is more than the smallest and lightest electric skateboard on the market.

It comes with a powerful motor, a unique italian design and handmade manufacturing. Not one of the many. 

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Introducing Bolt

"The Bolt is AMAZING!!! The power is great, the ride is very smooth even though the wheels are a normal size. The brakes are very smooth and stable, but the best part of the Bolt skateboard is that it's so light and portable. Much easier to carry than a Boosted"

George T.

"The board behaves really nice, it's a pleasure to ride it!

Out of all electric skateboards I've tried, your offers the best overall experience, mainly due to its driving physics and weight"

Joseph P.

"Got it last weekend - beautiful product. Lots of fun to use it! Thanks!"

Cees V.

"Got mine, awesome product, and the case for the charger and control, really nice touch, you don't get this with any other electric skateboards"

Carr P.

Feel the difference

Fly down the street at 30km/h (18mph). You can cover more than 8.5 miles (14km) in one ride. Bolt packs a lot of power in a small form factor making it extremely fun to ride. It's just as fast as a bicycle!

Bolt it's so compact you can carry it anywhere. Just 23" (60cm) long and 9lbs (4kg) of weight. Easy to carry when you're not using it: on the train, on the bus, in the office, in the classroom. Never worry about having it stolen, you can bring it always with you.

Bolt is entirely designed and made in Italy.

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